Leny Tomy Factory fotosesija Dreamland

Photoshoot for Leny Tomy Factory Fall Winter 2015/16 Collection "Dreamland"
Photographer: Aiga Rēdmane
Stylist: Aija Ūdentiņa
Set designer: Ieva Ekmane

"A journey to the dreamland - to a fairyland, a country of fancies, where all the great childhood memories are stored".


  1. WOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great idie
    Beatiful and ....
    he Besugo dịch vụ in lịch tết
    a la Oriotarra bears special mention - a recipe taught to Miguel by our Basque friend, Javi Lecumberri (a.k.a., Xabi Lekunberri), dịch vụ in kẹp file
    who hails from San Sebastián. The fresh besugo is cooked in the style of Orio, a
    fishing village a short drive west (following the coastline) from in lịch để bàn
    San Sebastián (towards Getaria), its western perimeter thiết kế kẹp file
    on the river Oria. Incredibly succulent, moist, gently laced with olive oil, a bit of cooked vinegar, garlic and a bit of chili. in lịch để bàn chữ a
    Simplicity at its best. Loved it.